Laurel Oak

Welcome Agents and Buyers!

Thank you for doing business in Laurel Oak Park. In an effort to serve real estate agents and prospective homeowners here are the basics about Laurel Oak Park, our community, and about conducting an open house event. You’ll also want to be familiar with the Laurel Oak Park CCR’s as you tour our community.

Open Houses

Signage for open houses are probably best posted at 17th St. entrance. We recommend posting your signs no more than 2 hours before the open house and removal as soon as possible after the event concludes.  Thanks for considering our community.

HOA Financial Information

Laurel Oak Park is financially sound and stable. HOA dues are $450 per six months as of January 2022.

Payment is due on January 1st and July 1st.

Setting Up Services to Homes in Laurel Oak Park

Water & Sewer ServiceManatee County Utility District(941) 792-8811
Waste CollectionManatee County Utility District(941) 792-8811
Electric ServiceFlorida Power and Light800-226-3545
Police ServicesManatee County Sheriff(941) 747-3011

Manatee County Services
Try the Resident information tool: to find your trash and recycling days, evacuation level, flood zone, commissioner, local schools, police and fire district, polling site, nearest emergency shelter, park, preserve, library, hospital, bus stop and more.

Utility Service Days

TrashPick-up Monday and Thursday
RecyclingPick-up Thursday
Yard WastePick-up Wednesday


Laurel Oak Park has access to the county’s reclaimed water system for irrigation. However, you are responsible for annual service of the backflow meter on your lot.

New Owner Information

Rules and Regulations are laid out in our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs). Click here to view

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