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Oak Park homeowners and the Board of Directors work closely to foster and maintain a safe and attractive neighborhood. That means following the rules in our governing documents and providing easy access to answers about proposed home improvements and other issues.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet five times a year (see schedule below). The Board is elected at the Annual Membership Meeting, usually held in the first week of December. The election is for a one-year term. Current members of the Board can be reached as shown below:

Board Members

Russ MartinVice
Susan SmithDirector-at-Large
Stephan KlotzDirector-at-Large

Upcoming Meetings

February 20, 20247:00 PM1301 86th Ct NW
May 21, 20247:00 PMTBD
August 20, 20247:00 PMTBD
October 21, 20247:00 PM1611 86th St NW
December 2, 20247:00 PMPalma Sola Botanical Garden

Rules and Regulations

The Rules & Regulations are contained in Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs). These are also available on CD if requested. This document is a searchable PDF, click link below to view

Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions 1999
Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions Amended 2017

Architectural Review

Plans for planting, painting or construction? You came to the right place. Always check with a Board member to see if you need to submit an ARC Form before you start your project. Articles 9 & 10 of the CCRs provide an in-depth discussion of projects needing ARC review.

And remember—ARC first, project launch second. Here’s a quick reference for common ARC projects:


No fence of any kind shall be erected or maintained upon any Lot until the plans and specifications therefor have been approved in writing by the ARC.  6-foot lattice topped vinyl fences that enclose the rear of the property are generally approved

Painting Exterior of Home

If planning to change the color of your home an ARC approval is required.

Tree Planting/Replacement/Additions

Removal / replacement or addition of trees on private residential lots requires submission of an ARC form.  Allowed reasons for removal; tree is dead or tree is causing problems with sidewalks, lighting or underground services (water, sewer, irrigation). 

Utilities & Irrigation


Trash pick-up is on Tuesday and Thursday.  Garbage cans are not supplied by the county.  Please bring your cans in in a timely fashion.


Recycling pick -up is on Thursday. Blue recycling cans are provided by the county. Please bring your cans in in a timely fashion.

Yard Waste

Pick up is on Wednesday. Bundled waste must not exceed 48” all other yard waste must be in cams or bags.  Please bring your cans in in a timely fashion.

For holiday schedule or other questions regarding trash and recycling see the county website:


Laurel Oak Park has access to the county’s reclaimed water system for irrigation. However, you are responsible for annual service of the backflow meter on your lot.

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